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Vel 6.5" inch Panchalogam bronze idol

Vel 6.5" inch Panchalogam bronze idol

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Colour: Bronze

Height: 6.5" inches

Weight: 24 grams


- Sacred Material: Vel Panchalogam Bronze Idol crafted from a revered alloy of gold, silver, copper, zinc, and tin, symbolizing purity and divine energy.

- Intricate Design: Detailed representation of Lord Murugan's divine spear, showcasing skilled craftsmanship with timeless bronze finish.

- Symbolic Significance: Vel represents valor, protection, and triumph over evil forces, infusing positive energy and blessings into your space.

- Handcrafted Mastery: Meticulously crafted by skilled artisans, each piece is a unique work of art preserving traditional techniques.

- Spiritual Benefits: Placing the idol in your home is believed to bring courage, positive vibrations, and divine blessings.

- Perfect Gift: Thoughtful for religious occasions or celebrations, presented in secure and elegant packaging.

- Unique Artistry: Beyond an idol, it's a unique work of art carrying the essence of devotion and reverence.

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