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Saraswati 4" inches Panchalogam bronze idol

Saraswati 4" inches Panchalogam bronze idol

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Colour: Bronze

Height: 4" Inches

weight: 270 grams


- Material: Saraswati 4-inch Bronze Idol crafted from sacred Panchalogam alloy symbolizing purity and divine energy.

- Dimensions: Compact size at 4 inches, suitable for personal altars, study spaces, or any sacred corner.

- Design: Intricately detailed representation of Goddess Saraswati, showcasing the goddess's attributes of knowledge, music, arts, and wisdom.

- Bronze Finish: Timeless bronze finish adds elegance and visual appeal to the idol.

- Symbolism: Invokes blessings for wisdom, education, and artistic pursuits, embodying the divine source of knowledge.

- Spiritual Aura: Creates a sacred ambiance fostering learning, creativity, and divine inspiration.

- Ideal Gift: Thoughtful and symbolic gift for academic achievements, artistic endeavors, or religious celebrations.

- Packaging: Delivered with care in secure packaging, ready to become a cherished addition to your spiritual journey and home decor.

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