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Kasi Visalakshi 5" inch Panchalogam bronze idol

Kasi Visalakshi 5" inch Panchalogam bronze idol

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Colour: Bronze

Height: 5" inches

Weight: 264 g


- Material: Crafted from Panchalogam, an alloy of gold, silver, copper, zinc, and tin, the idol radiates purity and divine energy.

- Dimensions: Standing at 5 inches, this compact idol is suitable for various spaces, making it ideal for home altars or as a spiritual centerpiece.

- Design: The intricately detailed representation captures the serene presence of goddess Visalakshi, reflecting the devotion and skill of the artisans.

- Bronze Finish: The timeless bronze finish adds an elegant touch, enhancing the overall aesthetic appeal and creating a spiritually charged atmosphere.

- Symbolism: Goddess Visalakshi is revered for her grace and divine presence. Placing this idol in your home is believed to invite tranquility, blessings, and a sense of spiritual connection.

- Spiritual Aura: The Kasi Visalakshi Bronze Idol is designed to create a sacred ambiance, fostering a deep sense of devotion and a connection to the divine.

- Ideal for Meditation: The compact size and spiritual symbolism make this idol an ideal focal point for meditation and contemplation.

- Ideal Gift: A thoughtful and auspicious gift for housewarmings, weddings, or special occasions, symbolizing divine blessings and serenity.

- Packaging: Delivered with care in secure packaging, the Kasi Visalakshi 5-inch Panchalogam Bronze Idol is ready to grace your home with the serene presence of goddess Visalakshi.

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